Super practical advice and set-up to help you get more sales and clients with online marketing

How does this work, Hans?

You just go through these 4 simple steps:

#1 - WE CONNECT (today)

We schedule a free video call and get to know each other and our work.

This call has no time restriction but usually takes around 1-2 hours. When we know each other and what we're up to, I'll explain to you the digital marketing landscape and the opportunities for your business to get more sales online. After this call, I invite you to give me access to your Google Analytics and AdWords/FB Ads. Within 7 days, I send you a personalized proposal. When you sign this, we go to step 2.

#2 - PREPARATION & SET-UP (month 1)

I won't invest your money in ad spend until I have at least gathered a full 30 days of data.

So, I start with setting up all the necessary tracking and preparing online advertising campaigns. From now on, when it comes to your digital marketing investments, we will be making conscious and data-driven decisions. No more letting your hunges or fears drive your decision making. To track all user behavior and conversions, I normally use tools like Google Tagmanager, Google Analytics, Hotjar and Drift. I research the keywords your audience uses on Google (KeyWord Research) and find high quality target audiences on Facebook. I use this to set up your advertising accounts with highly advanced targeting, set up ingenius remarketing campaigns that drive your audience into and through your sales funnel.


Advertising campaigns are live and traffic, leads and sales are coming in.

This is where you'll start seeing results right away from your investments. We'll cast a targeted but wide enough net to rake in people that are ready to buy and are looking for your services today on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn et cetera.

How fast you start seeing more sales here depends on the quality and complexity of your product or service. For more complex services, you may need to nurture your leads over the course of several weeks or months before you are able to convert them to paying customers. But you will definitely already get more people into your sales funnel at this stage.


I report, explain, advise and optimize our digital marketing campaigns and consult you on anything else that comes up.

With 2+ months of data, I'll be able to show and explain to you exactly what is happening with your online marketing, where your visitors and leads are coming from and what we can do to optimize and grow. Usually, my clients are very excited by now and have a ton more questions and ideas and goals for which I've included consultancy time as well.

what others are saying

Don’t take my word for it. Take a look at what the people who have already worked with me have to say.

I actually met Hans online in 2014 when he reached out to me after hearing my call for marketing support through my podcast, Are You Being Real.

At the time I was so busy with the day to day and content-production that I could use all the help available in increasing my reach and getting more listeners.

Hans was super helpful and set me up big time with my Facebook Ads. I was amazed by Hans' knowledge about all kinds of neat tools to help me improve my content and messaging as well as his practical skills to set up extremely targeted FB ad campaigns and find highly qualitative audiences.

Aside from that, he also made me understand the big-picture overview of what is still available to me and what makes sense for my business to invest in when it comes to advertising online.

Since 2014, Hans has been my go-to guy for online marketing advice. And after finally meeting in LA for the first time in 2017, we've only solidified our friendship.
Mark Shapiro
Are You Being Real Podcast Host & Winning Weeks Facilitator
Before I connected with Hans, I was doing well but I didn't have a clear idea of how I could consciously invest in growing my business online.

There is so much out there and I just didn't have the time or energy to teach myself how to do it all.

Just in our first free video call, Hans blew me away with his expertise and desire to help.

I now finally understand what is possible and what makes sense to do for my business, online.

Not only that, he got down to the numbers and helped me figure out a sustainable way to invest in advertisements that I actually know will get me leads and clients.

I walked away from the call super excited knowing I'd finally found someone that I completely trust and I know will be looking out for my best interests while I can keep focussing on my own work.
ali zane imax credit repair
Ali Zane
Credit Repair Analyst & Creator of The Soulmate Journey

What is my investment?

$2500 for 3 months of working with me.

That’s the short answer. 

Here’s a little bit more context:

To really make a change in your business, you’ll want to work at least 3 months with me.

The work we do in Step 1: “Preparation & Set-Up” is a one-time fee and usually runs for about $1000.

After that, I work with a monthly consultancy fee.

These last 2 monthly fees depend on the scope of your project and start at $750 a month. 

After the total period of 3 months, we are both free to decide if we want to continue working together (on a monthly retainer).

Or maybe I will even advise you to stop paying for my services because I’ll see that you first need to hire a business coach before investing in marketing 🙂

Are you ready to connect?

Let’s connect and schedule a video call to get to know each other and our work.

Don’t worry…

This call is commitment-free 🙂

You’ll get to know me and my work for free.

You’ll walk away from the call with more knowledge about your business and digital marketing in general.

After the call, we are both free to choose if we want to continue working together for real.