30 day sleep challenge the real reasons

The real reason for doing a 30 day sleep challenge

A little over a month ago, I sat down and wrote why I was gonna do a 30 day sleep challenge.

I said: “The ultimate goal is to live fuller.”

BTW, if you are interested in the results: Read my blogpost outlining the results of my 30 day sleep challenge.

I also said that what convinced me to start this sleep challenge were my sleep stats from my FitBit Surge watch.

Now, this is all true.


I’m going to open up an extra dimension of sharing.

The real reason to start this challenge is much bigger that that…

The real reason for me to start this sleep challenge was because I wanted to break free from the anxiety in my life.



Let me try to get clear on what I mean by anxiety.

I’m talking about those thoughts inside your head, which you don’t really like to show to anyone.

Because they’re just full of doubts and fears.

And we want to come off as strong and looking like we know what we’re doing.

So we don’t like to show them.

But at the same time, we feel them.

And we get uncomfortable by them, because they keep bothering us and making us doubt ourselves and feel insecure.

Who of you knows this feeling?


Imagine you’re thinking about doing something new, something big… And you’re excited! But soon, these thoughts pop up…

“I’m not good enough”

“I won’t be able to do that”

“I don’t have enough …..” (fill in the blank: money, power, confidence, knowledge, experience, energy, motivation, strength, friends….)

“If I do this, they’ll think I’m …..” (again, fill in the blank: crazy, weak, stupid, annoying, trying to show off, trying too hard….)

That’s what I’m talking about here.


A lot of these examples are geared towards social anxiety and general anxiety. (“What will others think of me?” and “I will never be able to do that!”) Because these have been the most prevalent in my life.

But I know that the patterns of anxiety are present in every type, be it, social anxiety, generalised anxiety, specific phobias, OCD, PTSD and panic disorders.

Even people who don’t suffer from anxiety disorders can relate perfectly to the situations described above.

The one struggle during these 30 days that has been undocumented

So the one struggle that I have not shown through this series of blog posts is my personal struggle with anxiety.

The biggest and most defining fear in my life has been this one:

“I am not good enough”.

This is a thought I have been consciously investigating since I was about 15 years old. (I am now 24.)

So this is a story of 9 years of learning about my fear of unworthiness.

I’ve learned a TON.

This sleep challenge is not the first thing I try to get more sleep.

It was just the next step in discovering more and breaking through my fears even more.

Why start a sleep challenge if I’m battling fear?

I started a sleep challenge because along this 9 year long journey of mine I have learned that ONE of the many components to gain control over my mind is to be well-rested.

If you’re being plagued by worry and doubt…. Not getting enough sleep only creates an environment in your brain for MORE worry and doubt.

It makes you less capable of handling stress, you’re going to be less creative and all in all: you are just a dumbed down version of the man or woman that you can and want to be.

I’ve known all this for a couple of years already.

But it’s only recently that I decided to do a blog post series on doing a 30 day sleep challenge.

So the real reason for starting this 30 day sleep challenge is due to a set of circumstances or “coincidences” that are part of an incredible story which I will explain in detail in the coming weeks.

But what is important to know is that the set of circumstances consists of:

  • my story of living with fear and anxiety
  • upcoming life changes that I’ll share with you in the coming weeks
  • connecting with the right people online to find inspiration for both living with fear and embarking on that life changing journey

Here’s a video of one of many people I follow online that gave me the final push to start this challenge and that brings together both fear and purposeful living in one video about getting more sleep:

So where this sleep challenge might have seemed to be a thing that stands on its own, it has really been only a component of a much bigger system of habits that I am implementing in my life and have been implementing for many years.

Why I wanted to write about it on my blog

This 30 day sleep challenge is something I wanted to blog about for two reasons:

  • as a way to keep myself accountable
  • as a way to get comfortable with the uncomfortable feeling of sharing more openly about life and the struggles I face

I wanted to keep myself accountable through my blog and social media just because it has been proven how much more committed I am when I share my goals and aspirations with other people.

(Pro tip: even when no one is listening, even speaking out loud will create a stronger commitment to your goals. Here’s a link on lifehcker.com where they talk about accountability and goal setting.)

Because I still care about the results of my sleep challenge, even though it’s only a part of something bigger.

Trying to get more comfortable with the uncomfortable is something I want to do because I have really big plans with this and in the rest of my life.

It’s too early to tell you right now, but I’m working on something that will require all of my courage and dedication. 🙂

A great way to transition more into that is my next blog post, which I posted here.

It’s about the tattoo I just got.


It’s a great follow up because in my next blogpost I’ll tell you and show you:

  • what this tattoo is
  • what it signifies
  • and how it translates to the bigger plans I’m working on (Apparently they are so secret I can’t even tell you yet 😉 )

You think you got time for that?


Read my blogpost: “My semicolon tattoo” here.


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