Day 25 – 30 days: get 8 hours of sleep

Back on track with the daily blog update after missing yesterday’s post for the according day.

Today has been day 25 of my challenge to get 8 hours of sleep for 30 days straight.

Saturday, a day of freelance work, my first 90-minute soccer game and a good friend’s birthday party!

Every day I’ll share my FitBit Surge sleep data. Aside from that, I want to document how I’m doing in terms of changing my habits:

  • No more screens, from 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Go for a 15 minute walk during the day.
  • No coffee after noon.
  • Use my thoughts to get to a place of gratitude before I go to sleep and when I wake up.

Day 25: 7hrs 48min

I did not reach my goal.

fitbit sleep data day 25

Hah! You see that little divider at around 3AM?

That’s when I got up from the lounge chair in my parents house and took my body upstairs into bed.

At 1 AM, I thought “let me just close my eyes for a little bit”.

Of course… next thing I know it’s 3AM and I am soooo groggy.

I just punished my body with 2 hours of intense soccer and was also fighting a cold.

I got up and took 3 minutes of “awake time” to put my glass in the kitchen, go upstairs, pee, brush my teeth and crash into bed. I took 1 minute to fall back asleep 🙂


No more screens, 1 hour before bedtime

I reached my goal.

I was talking to friends new and old in real life the hour before going to bed. A couple of minutes before falling asleep I was reading a book, so I feel pretty safe saying that I was screen free the last hour.

Go for a 15 minute walk

I did not reach my goal.fitbit step data day 25

I moved around a LOT but I did not go for a 15 minute, calming walk.

The gap between 4:30 and 7:30 is where I did not wear my fitbit watch because we were playing soccer.

No coffee after noon

I reached my goal.

Only drank a cup of coffee in the morning. Never really thought about getting coffee after noon.

Be in a place of gratitude

I did not reach my goal.

I was at a good friend’s birthday party until a little after midnight. I got home, sat down, had a snack and some water, read two pages in my bood and almost instantly fell asleep.

I had a good time and was definitely in a good place, connecting with old friends and meeting new ones but I’m not counting it 😉

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