day 24 of my 30 day sleep challenge to get 8 hours of sleep

Day 24 – 30 days: get 8 hours of sleep

It’s the first time I let this happen, but I missed my blogpost yesterday so I’m writing two today.

Yesterday has been day 24 of my challenge to get 8 hours of sleep for 30 days straight.

Friday night’s sleep was well needed. I managed to sleep 8 hours after being completely exhausted after last week’s consistent sleep deficit.

Every day I’ll share my FitBit Surge sleep data. Aside from that, I want to document how I’m doing in terms of changing my habits:

  • No more screens, from 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Go for a 15 minute walk during the day.
  • No coffee after noon.
  • Use my thoughts to get to a place of gratitude before I go to sleep and when I wake up.

Day 24: 8hrs 17min

I reached my goal.

day 24 sleep data

Due to a bug in Fitbit’s system that day the screenshot is a little strange with “0hrs 0min” in the background but the overlay part is what’s true: 8hours and 17 minutes.

I worked the whole day, after the super short sleep the day before, and was completely worn out, developing a cold..

I managed to drag my ass to Terneuzen for a photoshoot after work and returned home at 10PM.

Who am I?

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No more screens, 1 hour before bedtime

I  did not reach my goal.

I was on my phone about 30 minutes before going to bed, you know, kind of catching up on emails, messages and my agenda.

Go for a 15 minute walk

I reached my goal.fitbit step data day 24

Me and two colleagues took a nice walk during lunchbreak, even a little over 15 minutes!

No coffee after noon

I reached my goal.

I did go out to the café near the train station in Sint Niklaas for an espresso before noon, but I managed to get by without giving in to the temptation after noon.

I was muuuch more tempted to get one later during the day because I just felt so tired and worn out. At that point I thought anything was gonna help me: sandwiches, bread, and all the carby, hearty things. Spoiler alert: they don’t help, they actually make you more tired in the end.

Be in a place of gratitude

I did not reach my goal.

Friday night was good as I was enjoying the photoshoot and the time I spent with the hairstylists and photographer and other models but I did not take any time to reflect, before going to bed.

So, no goal, but not bad 😉

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