day 20 - 30 day sleep challenge

Day 20 – 30 days: get 8 hours of sleep

Today has been day 20 of my challenge to get 8 hours of sleep for 30 days straight.

Today was the day I was leaving Budapest . The traveling part of the day started at noon and lasted till 7:30PM when I got to my apartment in Antwerp. I quickly changed into my gym clothes, worked out and talked about life with a good friend.

Every day I’ll share my FitBit Surge sleep data. Aside from that, I want to document how I’m doing in terms of changing my habits:

  • No more screens, from 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Go for a 15 minute walk during the day.
  • No coffee after noon.
  • Use my thoughts to get to a place of gratitude before I go to sleep and when I wake up.

Day 20: 7hrs 4min

I did not reach my goal. fitbit sleep data day 20

I went to bed late (juuust a little after midnight) after having spent the night working out, eating and talking about life with my good friend Fred.

A memorable video I’d like to share about this night is a video of a man who completely breaks down into tears after his son expresses his love for him.

It was both hilarious and incredibly touching. Hilarious because well it’s obvious and incredibly touching because of how real the pain of this father must have been to excrete such a deep sound from his body. It just shows how much energy we keep trapped in our bodies over time. Also, LOL.

No more screens, 1 hour before bedtime

I  reached my goal.

The hour before bed was spent talking with my friend, walking outside and reading a book.

Go for a 15 minute walk

I did not reach my goal.


It was a day of traveling and I definitely did not walk 15 minutes to relax.

I did however walk quite a bit during the day, so in terms of exercise I did well, but it was not for relaxation purposes.

fitbit step data day 20

No coffee after noon

I reached my goal.

Temptation was readily available on this day where I was tired, and passed by many coffee shops and bars at the airport but I kept strong and only had water and tea after noon.

Be in a place of gratitude

You guys, I reached my goal.

You know what I did?

I took a walk outside, after my friend and I ended our conversation at the café and actually listed some things I am grateful for.

I am inspired by an experiment that Preston Smiles once shared on The One And Only Podcast where he would consciously think or even speak out loud about the things he is grateful for.

Of course, saying it, or thinking it, is not always gonna do the trick.

Sometimes, or a lot of times, you don’t feel it right away, or at all!

That’s why it’s important to take the time to LET IT LAND.

More on all of that, later.

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