Day 18 – 30 days: get 8 hours of sleep

Today has been day 18 of my challenge to get 8 hours of sleep for 30 days straight.

Every day I’ll share my FitBit Surge sleep data.

Aside from that, I want to document how I’m doing in terms of changing my habits:

  • No more screens, from 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Go for a 15 minute walk during the day.
  • No coffee after noon.
  • Use my thoughts to get to a place of gratitude before I go to sleep and when I wake up.

Day 18: 6hrs 10min

I did not reach my goal.

fitbit sleep data day 18

This was the night after the wedding, so as you can see, I clearly did not sleep 8 hours.

I went to sleep AFTER 4AM :O

It has been a restless night and I even woke up at 9 (you can see the pink bar at around 9 ‘o clock).

I just went for a wee and crashed back on the couch I’m sleeping on and actually fell back asleep till 11AM.

But man,

it was an awesome day and night.

No more screens, 1 hour before bedtime

I definitely reached my goal.

All I saw the last hour before bed were beautiful faces, the dancefloor, our taxi, appartment and my bed.

Go for a 15 minute walk

I did not reach my goal.


Because I chose to let myself go with whatever is happening that day I did not do a 15 minute “relaxation-walk”.

Obviously I did walk during the day with the wedding and all, but not for relaxation purposes 😉 (Although it was still very good for the mind.)

fitbit step data day 18

No coffee after noon

I did not reach my goal.

Since this day was not gonna be a typical day where I start to slow down and go to bed at 10, I decided I would use my caffeine intake wisely.

I had an espresso in the morning, a little before noon, when me and my sisters went out the apartment after they got their hair and makeup done for the day.

At the restaurant location, Gundel Restaurant in Budapest, I had another espresso after dinner. It served me well to get some energy for the rest of the night.

I was definitely tempted to get one more in the afternoon, when we went there again, but I chose to get mineral water instead.

Also, the not drinking alcohol and just drinking still water made me enjoy the whole freaking night and made me able to dance my socks off until 4 in the morning. (Keep in mind: I woke up at 6:30 that morning)

Be in a place of gratitude

I did not reach my goal.

There was no conscious effort the hour before bed.

However, being at the wedding ceremony during the day and the dinner and party at night filled me with joy, gratitude, happiness, love, faith and hope. All of which I experienced fully. At times it would fill me up too much to the point where your eyes do this water thing where it exits your eyes it’s really weird I don’t kn… 🙂


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