When our thoughts DON’T create our reality…what can we do?

You’ve seen these quotes a lot, haven’t you?

Quotes from “spiritual guru’s” or even just Instagram celebrities saying things like:

“You create your own reality” and

“Just think positive and watch your life transform before your eyes”

Well, here’s the problem with that….

You and I both tried and applied this in our life…


You did NOT create your own reality.

And it’s definitely not just with your THOUGHTS that you were able to do it.

If you are like me you have been wanting (and still want):

  • More money
  • Better relationships

That’s why you’ve

  • Meditated and listened to positive affirmations in the morning
  • Put positive post-it notes all around your house affirming your self worth
  • Said your affirmations out loud whenever you were by yourself, driving, in your house etc.

But still…..

None of those great things have manifested in your life, yet.

And if you’re like me… you are FED UP with this.

You wanna get your life GOING!

You probably decided to just focus on what has always worked to get what you wanted in life:
  • Working hard on your business and
  • Making the most of the connections with the people you meet
Sure, you think positively but you’re not like all those “Law of Attraction” followers are with their daily rituals and affirmations etc.
Because you know there is SOMETHING to being positive…
But you also know that without you taking ACTION and working your butt off… Nothing will just magically “manifest” into your life.
Well, you’re right.
There IS something to this positive thinking.
And there is DEFINITELY also something to the hard work part.
So, let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

OK, all this “your thoughts create your reality” that all the guru’s and Instagram models are saying is just NOT working.

So then the question is….

How DOES this process of Creation really work?

Allow me to explain what I understand about the process of Creation.

There are 4 crucial parts to my concept:

  1. There are 2 realities: internal and external reality.
  2. There are 3 levels of creative power: thought, word, deed.
  3. You can’t do this alone: collective consciousness is working for and against you.
  4. Masters of creation know and do only 2 things: Remember and act accordingly.

Are you ready to dive in?

Let’s go.

Just know that this will take about 25 minutes to read. So either make the time or come back to it later.

1. There are 2 realities

There is:

  • Your internal reality
  • Your external reality

Internal reality means: what you feel.

External reality means: all the events that happen and the stuff you can touch, hear, smell, see and taste.

You know why it’s so important that we make this distinction?


And we’ve been doing it wrong this whole time…

We’ve been applying rules for our INTERNAL reality to try to change our EXTERNAL reality.

That’s why this “positive thinking stuff” isn’t working.

Let me explain:

The rules for creating your INTERNAL reality

Internal reality, how you feel, is governed by 1 thing and 1 thing only:


Let’s say you get robbed.

What thoughts do you have about this event?

“I’m so unlucky”, “Why me?”, “Why now?”

How do you feel because of this?

  • Sad
  • Powerless
  • Victimized

Let’s change our thoughts to the following:

“Hmm, how interesting. This looks really bad on the outside. But I know everything happens FOR me. So, I get to use this event of me being robbed for my personal growth. For example, I can now train my ability to let go of things and my ability to not get attached to things. Or, I get this experience so I can later relate much better to someone in my life who I am going to help with my empathy and understanding of how they feel. What a gift this robbery was.”

How do you feel now?

  • Profoundly significant
  • Grateful
  • In control

You see that how we feel is governed by what we think.

In other words:

Sure, we do create our own reality with our thoughts.

Albeit our INTERNAL reality.

But what ALL OF US are looking for are the rules on how to create our own EXTERNAL reality.

We want the stuff!

That’s what no one is explaining because hardly anyone truly understands it.

Well, are you ready?

Cuz we’re about to break it down…

The rules for creating your EXTERNAL reality

External reality, the events that happen and the stuff you can touch, hear, smell, see and taste, is governed by:


Cause and effect are scientific terms that describe events and their observable results in physical life.

This means that our external reality is the EFFECT of different CAUSES.

What are causes?

    • events that happen
  • actions we take

So, to create any effects, we need real events and actions to happen.

You can not CAUSE a real event or action to happen only by THINKING.

Now, there is SOME creative power in what we think, but it’s not strong enough to overrule the power of ACTION.

I’ll give lots of examples to prove all this but first, we need to move on to the 2nd part of the concept of Creation that I want to share…

2. There are 3 levels of creative power

Those 3 levels are:

    1. Thought
    1. Word
  1. Action

Our thoughts are creative, but they are not as strong as our words.

And our words are creative but not to the extent that are ACTIONS are.

Let me show you 2 quick examples to prove that this is true….

Proof that thought does not create our external reality (2 quick examples)

Example #1:

Let’s assume we say our affirmations to confirm our self-worth and abundance:

    • I am powerful.
    • I am rich.
    • I am abundant.
  • Money flows to me like the air that I breathe.


With such good thoughts, we should be getting rich soon, right?

Because, look….

3 Miles down the street was a guy who had very different (but similar) thoughts as you.

His thoughts:

    • Fuck. I can’t make rent this month.
    • My mom needs this medicine.
    • And I wanna get high tonight.
  • I need to get some fuckin’ money.

At 8PM tonight, you and this guy are going to meet on the street corner and he is going to ACT on his thoughts.

He will rob you of your wallet, your phone, your laptop, and maybe even your car.

Now, his ACTIONS just created a hell of an external reality for you!

Even though you had all the right thoughts this morning!

So, what does this prove?

That ACTIONS are more creative than THOUGHTS.

The ACT of this guy robbing you was more powerful than your THOUGHT about being rich and having lots of money.

Let’s do one more example:

Example #2

You’re in the car and you’re driving to an intersection.

You’re in a good mood because you got up early, you meditated, you said your affirmations and you got a lot of stuff done before any of the kids woke up.

You’re feeling good and you think:

    • Today is such a great day.
    • I’m really in the flow.
  • Things are really working out for me.

While you approach the intersection, there is a guy in a blue Mazda thinking:

    • Shit! I’m late for work.
  • I’m sure that I can make this green light

This guy takes ACTIONS and speeds up to get to the intersection before his light turns red.

He’s way too late and his light has already turned red, but he keeps going.

Right when you are crossing the intersection…..

Now, that guy’s ACTIONS just created a hell of an external reality for you.

There you are.

All shaken up.

Your car is trashed.

Now you have to figure out all this insurance stuff.

Suddenly, what you had been THINKING did not create your physical reality.

Actually, the opposite happened:

    • You’re in a total mess now.
  • You’re not having a great day at all.

It’s because ACTION is more creative than THOUGHT.

Good, so we get that ACTION is the most creative of the 3.

Word is in the middle there, on level 2 of creation.

Now, if you’ve read up until here, I think you get how this works but let’s just give 1 example of the creative power of WORD in respect to THOUGHT and ACTIONS.

Word is more creative than thought, but not as creative as action (1 quick example)

Let’s say you’re a guy and you are out with your best friend.

You see a beautiful woman and you THINK: “Wow, she is gorgeous.”

Sometimes you keep this to yourself and don’t even tell your friend.

That’s a sure sign that you’re probably not going to make any moves on her tonight.

But, sometimes, you feel so strongly about it that you even SAY to your friend:

“Damn, she is gorgeous. I would love to kiss/meet/date/talk to her, bro.”

Now, at this point, it is MUCH MORE LIKELY that you will actually DO something and go up to this woman.

But, like most of men….

You don’t DO anything.

You just repeat to your friend how beautiful and hot you think she is and how you love her vibe but you just stay where you are and you sip your beer or your water or or you pull up your phone for whatever bullshit you’re using to distract you from this uncomfortable moment where you feel like doing something but you don’t…because you are scared.

Now, on the other end of this bar is a guy that thought the EXACT same thing.

He also SAID the exact same thing.

There’s just 1 difference between you and him….

He DID what he said.

He went up to her and started talking to her.

And you know what?

This guy was actually a really good guy. (Just like you are too)

He was smart, funny and sensitive, but he also had the balls to go up to her and let her know he liked her vibe.

Fast forward 3 hours later and they’ve talked, they’ve joked, they’ve danced, they’ve looked into each others eyes, and they’ve felt each others bodies…

Now they say goodbye and end the night with a glorious kiss.

Now, your idea of being with that woman…?

That version of reality did not come to fruition based on what you THOUGHT, and not even on what you SAID.

However, when you THINK something, and you also SAY it out loud…

You are much more likely to ACT on it, too.

But if you only THINK and SAY and someone else takes ACTION…

They will have applied more creative power to create our external reality in this situation:

    • Him getting the girl.
  • And you feeling like you’re not enough.


Let’s move on to the 3rd part of the concept of Creation:

3. You can’t do this alone

I really want you to understand this…

You can’t do this alone.

What I mean is:

You can’t create your external reality by yourself, just by thinking the right things, saying the right things and even doing the right things.

You need the others to CO-OPERATE.

In other words: You need to others to co-CREATE with you.

To really explain why we can’t do it alone, we need to understand the concept of “Collective Consciousness”.

What is the collective consciousness?

Collective consciousness is a fancy word but it basically just means: “The average of what human beings on earth believe to be true.”

Now, here’s why it’s important to understand that the average level of human awareness of what’s true has an influence on our external reality:

If you don’t understand this….

You will fall into the trap of believing you can create your own physical reality.

But when the things you’re thinking so positively about don’t come into your life, or things are even being stolen from you…

You will feel VICTIMIZED and HOPELESS like so many of us have felt already.

So let’s explore the concept of collective consciousness before I give some real life examples to prove this is true.

But before we can get to the collective we need to define INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

What is individual consciousness?

More fancy words for simple things.

Individual consciousness just means: the average score of what you believe is true about life compared to what is actually true about life.

What is the Truth of Life?

I can write a lifetime about this and other people already have, but it’s very simple. (All Truth is simple.)

  1. We are all One
  2. There is Enough
  3. There is nothing you have to do

Let me explain:

The more your beliefs are congruent with the Truth of Life, the better your life will go

Let’s say that what you believe about life is only 5% of the Truth of Life, your consciousness is considered “low”.

If however, 70% of what you hold to be true about life is in line with the Truth of Life, your consciousness is considered “high”.

So if your individual consciousness level is 100%, you will have mastered the Laws of the Universe.

The more your ideas about life correspond with what Life is REALLY about….

The better your life is going to work out in your physical reality.

And the smaller your ideas are about life, the more distant they are from what Life is ACTUALLY about….

The worse your physical reality will be and you’re gonna be feeling stuck in life, in a rut, anxious, living in fear etc.

1 Quick example (happening right now while I write this)

At the time of writing there is construction going on outside my house.

I might think and say:

“Damn. Why do they have to do this at 8AM in the morning right next to my house. It’s so loud. Man… Why do I deserve this?”

Now, this thought is sponsored by some kind of belief I have.

The belief is NOT in accordance with Truth #2 of life: “There is enough”.

In this example, I believe that there is not enough of what?

  • Calmness
  • Rest
  • Silence

And I feel bad. And if I start ACTING on these beliefs by yelling at the people making noise, I might even just make my physical reality worse…

I might get in a fight and get hurt so literally my physical reality got worse.

Oh, and hey…. Look, you’re still gonna have “bad luck” and “good luck” no matter what your physical reality is right now.

Because remember…. Others are still fucking things up for you (remember the guy who crashed into your car?) and others are still improving things for you (they offer you a ride, give you money etc)

If I keep a different belief that’s more congruent with “There is enough”, I might hear all this noise and think:

“Hah, how interesting. I’m getting all this noise right now and typically, this would upset me. But I can actually use this as an example in my blog right now. Oh wow, this noise is actually a GIFT!”


It’s now a gift.

That means that there is definitely enough calmness, rest and silence for me out there, because I can handle this really well.

I am even HAPPY because of it.

That MUST mean I have enough silence and/or the silence I need will be provided for me in other parts of my day/week/month/life.

That’s pretty much in line with the idea that “There is enough”.

Calculating individual consciousness

So, the equation to calculate individual consciousness is:

Your truth divided by Real Truth = individual consciousness.


For you to understand how the collective consciousness impacts our physical reality we need first to prove that individual consciousness impacts our reality.

This is fairly easy.


Well, we know that individual consciousness is the average of what people believe to be true.

From common sense, we also know that people decide to DO things and take ACTION based on what they believe is true about a situation.

In other words: All people on the earth decide to take certain ACTIONS based on what THEY BELIEVE is true thought/observation about life.

If you don’t get this, here’s an example:

If that guy BELIEVES that there is no other way to get that money than to steal it from you, then THAT BELIEF is going to determine his ACTION of STEALING.

On the other hand:

That other guy’s BELIEVES that he has enough time, and that you are not a dangerous person to give a ride. Now HIS BELIEFS determine his ACTION of OFFERING YOU A RIDE.

So you can see how other people’s THOUGHTS determine their ACTIONS.

But this example is just happening on an individual level.

When we are talking about “collective consciousness” we are talking about ALL THOUGHTS of ALL PEOPLE together.

So let’s take this idea to the “collective” level…. Read on…

Collective consciousness impacts your reality (through cause and effect)

We know that all events that happen and actions we take have an effect through the law of CAUSE and EFFECT….

And in part 3 – “you can’t do this alone” – we’ve seen that other people’s ACTIONS have LOTS OF IMPACT on individual people’s external realities.

Now since all of people’s ACTIONS are determined by what they BELIEVE is true…

The COLLECTIVE consciousness is in that way indirectly impacting the external reality of EVERYBODY together.

And this brings me to my last point which is:

“We will only go as fast as the average of all the members on our team.”

All humans are collectively pushing life, but life will only move as fast as the average force at which all of us are pushing

“We will only go as fast as the average of all the members on our team.”

What do I mean by that?

Let me give you a quick figurative example.

Let’s say you and your friend are both pushing a car.

You are giving it your all but you know your friend is not as strong and he’s not pushing as hard.

You are pushing at 10 miles per hour.

He’s pushing at 8 miles per hour.

(I think I know the force of pushing is measured in Newton but dude, I’m not a scientist so chill – also, if you are a scientist/mathematician – teach me this stuff plskthxbye)

Now…. we all know that this car is not gonna move faster than 9 mp/h.

This isn’t difficult to understand.

It’s simple Maths and Science.

And so if you were pushing with 4 people….

3 People pushed at 15 miles per hour.

1 Person was slacking off and hardly pushed at all. Only 4 miles an hour.

The speed at which the 4 of you are going to be moving the car is: 12,25 mp/h.


In other words:

If you are with a group of people and you are pushing the same thing…..

That thing can only go as fast as the average of all of the people pushing it.

Now, on the earth…. All 7+ billion of us ARE pushing the same thing.

That thing is: “Life”.

All of us are pushing “life” and trying to make it go more loving/faster/better/richer/more comfortable etc.

The individual force that each one of us applies to our life is determined by the level of our individual consciousness.

If we understand the truth of life, speak it, and act like it….

We will push life with a lot of force and it will be working out really pretty nicely for us and the people around us.

If we however do NOT understand the truth about life, we are pushing and pulling on life, but it hardly really ever gets us anything good.

We go back and forth but never seem to “get it to work”.

This is what I did and I know this is you too if you are reading this.

Some days things seem to be working out. The next week, it’s all shit again.

This is because you are changing your beliefs about life all the time. Actually, it’s not because you change your beliefs.

It’s because you are ACTING differently on those beliefs. (Remember, action has WAY more power to create your reality than thought.)

It is VERY important you know you can’t do it alone, and you shouldn’t ask from yourself to do it alone.

So, please read the paragraphs below to let this idea land…. and free yourself of the guilt you’ve been carrying about how your life is not the way it should be.

You can’t control reality – others are fucking it up or improving it for/with you

Let’s say you THINK positive, you SPEAK those beliefs out loud, and you DO the actions needed to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.

(If this is you, I like you. I love how you’re hustlin’ hard.)

The problem, however, is that it’s not only YOUR actions that are creating the external reality.

It’s the actions of ALL THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU.

Remember the example of you crossing that intersection or you walking on the street at night and how THE OTHER GUY’S ACTIONS TOTALLY FUCKED UP YOUR EXTERNAL REALITY?

It’s just common sense to understand that any and all events or actions on earth have an impact on the physical reality of another being.

And this example goes both ways!

Let’s not forget that other people’s actions can also dramatically IMPROVE our own external realities.

Just think of that time when that guy offered you a free ride when you really needed it.

Or think of that time you needed to make more money but just when you were about to sell something…someone emailed you, asking to work with you.

Both of these are ACTIONS of OTHER people that drastically improved YOUR external reality.

But look at all these quotes on Pinterest and Instagram you see like:

“You can do anything you want. Just put your mind to it” or this one:

bullshit quote about how your thoughts create your reality

Guys…. You CAN’T just do anything you want even if you put your mind to it.

You need the help of A LOT of people in to help you get to what you are putting your mind to.

So, stop putting the pressure on yourself of thinking you are 100% responsible for the events in your life.

You CAN NOT do it alone.

Just like we can not create a perfect POSITIVE external reality just from our own efforts…

Neither can we create an utterly HORRIBLE external reality just from our own efforts.

Let me drive this home with anecdotal evidence from my own family.

Keep reading…

How MY DAD’S thoughts, words and actions  overruled MY OWN in creating my physical reality

My dad payed for (a lot) of my life until I started working a relatively serious job, right…

So this was up until I was about 21 years old.

Let’s analyze MY thoughts, words and actions in that period (18-21 years).

And MY DAD’S thoughts, words and actions in that period of my life.

And the point here is to prove with anecdotal evidence that while having extremely negative thoughts, words and actions I still DID NOT create an extremely negative physical reality because MY DAD’S (and others around me) creative power overruled mine.

My external reality between 18-21:

  • Internal reality: Depression.
  • External reality: Good.

My thoughts:

“I’m worthless. I’m stupid. I’m not cut out for this world.”

My words:

“I’m worthless. I’m stupid. I’m not cut out for this world.”

My actions:

“Please other people. Don’t speak up. Don’t take the lead in anything. Don’t share my opinions.

I was lucky my dad was a smart chemical engineer and he made good money so he was able to provide for me (and 6 more kids) and help me pay to go to school, study, pay rent, get therapy, buy clothes, travel, buy a laptop etc.

Had the phrase “Your thoughts create your reality” really been true, I would have been homeless and without any money in a really short time.

But that’s NOT how this works!

You see, in my example, because of the thoughts, words and ACTIONS of my father (working hard and giving me money) he created a really positive impact on my physical reality.

And of course this is true because actions are the strongest tool out of the 3 tools of creation. (Thoughts, words, actions)

And therefore, even though my thoughts created a HELL for me in my internal reality….

My external reality was still good.

I wasn’t crazy rich but because of my daddy’s moneyyyy I was able to travel and have cool gadgets and nice clothes etc. People who’ve known me from between 2010 – 2013 will confirm this.

This is because the impact of my fathers thoughts, words and especially actions easily overruled the creative power of my thoughts, words and (lack of) actions.

Creative power is measurable

The process of creation is nothing “spiritual”.

It is very advanced science.

As with anything scientific, we can measure it.

We don’t have the name for measuring the power yet.

But we will. Just keep your eyes on scientific research.

But for the sake of example, let’s use Newton, the unit we use today to measure force.

We learned that thought, word and deed all have different creative power.

We can put numbers on them and actually calculate our creative power and thereby proving that other people and the collective consciousness impacts our reality a lot.

Let’s calculate my creative power in depression

A force is either a pull or a push.

So let’s say a positive thought, word and deed is a push.

And negative ones are pulls.


  • Thought = 1 Newton
  • Word = 5 Newton
  • Action = 100 Newton

* For any 2 consecutive days that you keep any of your thoughts, words and actions congruent with each other, the force of that DOUBLES. (So imagine the force of consistent daily habits)

So in my example, I was pulling down at life with my negative thoughts, words and energy.

I was young and was trying to find reasons to live so I changed those negative thoughts, words and deeds very often in an attempt to get more positive.

In other words: I hardly ever got any of the “consistency” bonus that doubles the force I apply. I kept pulling, stopping, pulling, stopping, pulling down.

Hans’ pulling force = 106 Newton per day.

For those 3 years = 116.070 Newton.

Now, let’s calculate my dad’s creative power.

My dad had pretty positive thoughts about me. He would even say them to and about me (“smart guy” etc.)

And his actions FOR me were consistent (providing shelter, food, comfort, therapy, clothes, plane tickets)

Since he didn’t really change his mind or his actions about any of this, he got the multiplication bonus EVERY 2 consecutive days he kept consistent.

Hans’ dad’s pushing force = 106 Newton per day.

*With consistency bonus = 212 Newton on day 2, 424 on day 3m 848 on day 3 and so on and so on.

For those 3 years = Impossibly more Force than Hans was having.

I’m not a mathematician so I don’t know how to even calculate the end number after 3 years. (If you do, let me know in the comments please. I wanna learn).

But you get my point: You don’t create your own reality. Not even with all the right thoughts, words and actions. Others can improve or fuck it up for you.

OK. I think I proved my point: “You can’t create your own reality. Not even with all the right thoughts, words and actions. Others can improve or fuck it up for you.”

To raise consciousness, we need to know the Truth about Life

So if consciousness is calculated by dividing your ideas about life by the actual truth about life….

Hold on a second…

Then, this whole theory is based on the idea that there is 1 SPECIFIC TRUTH about Life and that my ideas about life should correspond with that as much as possible in order to get my life “going”….

You might be thinking:

“I thought “absolute truth didn’t exist” and “I thought everyone has their own version of the truth”….?

And yes. You’re right.

And no. You’re wrong.

You’re right because there is NO absolute truth about life.

And you’re also wrong because there IS an absolute truth about life.

“OK, Hans. Now you’re losing me…”

But if you are following… then you are getting to understanding the deeper workings of the Universe and you see that yes/no answers are just inadequate to describe reality.

On earth, everything is yes/no, black/white, hot/cold.

When it comes to Universal things…. It’s more like yes/and.

But hey….

Don’t just BELIEVE this.

Study it through advanced science.

Check out the double slit experiment for example.

It’s giving us YES/AND answers.

Yes it’s a wave. AND no it’s not because it is a particle.


So don’t believe anything I wrote here.

Critique it with your rational brain. (I know you’re pretty intelligent, use that intelligence.)

Then, test this theory out for yourself for 30 days. (Fully embody this as if you were one of us crazy people who actually believe this stuff)

And examine the results. (If you don’t like it, discard all of this and continue your life as is)

A good experiment is to do what masters of creation do for 30 days.

Just for fun.

So what do they do?

4. Masters of creation know and do only 2 things

They only do 2 things:

  1. They remember the Truth of Life (by studying Life)
  2. They say what they think and they do what they say.

The Truth about Life is this:

  1. We are all One
  2. There is Enough
  3. There is nothing you have to do

You want to remember/learn/really believe the Truth about Life which you’ve forgotten?

Then read and study things that make you remember. Read on until the end of this blog to find some pointers to resources that help me remember the Truth about life.

And do you want to use all 3 tools: thought, word, deed at it’s utmost potential to impact reality?

Then you gotta start SPEAKING your truth and DOING the things you SAY.

So get your shit together.


And don’t let stupid shit distract you.

OK, I want to become a master of creation. What do I do now?

I hope at this point, you understand that you can NOT 100% create your reality just by yourself.

This is team work and we need each other.

I then also hope that at this point, you know that this life isn’t all about your own life.

Sure, you deserve all the good events to happen and all the nice things in your life.

But we are all connected in a web of strings that impact each other through the processes of CAUSE AND EFFECT.

So, I hope you understand that this “creative power’ can do so much more than just change YOUR life.

It can change ALL of physical reality. On a COLLECTIVE scale.

Now, we know there’s gonna be a lot of people pulling and pushing down at life.

So we need as many as we can get to get our average levels of what we belief about the truth of life up enough.

Not just to improve our material realities…. That’s CHILD’S PLAY.

Even though I know you stumbled on this blog because you want your physical reality to get better….

If even 1/10th of all of this hit home with you, you will know that your physical reality WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF when you make the focus of your life: Creating better lives for others.

So, we’re not just doing this to get lots of money, big houses, a great relationship etc….

We are raising our consciousness so that we don’t freaking BLOW this WHOLE EARTH TO BITS…

It’s about so much more than just our lives.

It’s about LIFE of this PLANET as a whole.

And that LIFE is in DANGER right now.

We have access to technology right now that’s far too advanced in comparison to our understanding of it and our understanding of life.

We can LITERALLY self-destruct with stuff like nuclear bombs and artificial intelligence.

But if we are able to get our level of consciousness to an adequate level to deal with these amazing technologies WISELY….

We might be able to create HEAVEN ON EARTH this time.

It’s up to us.

Not up to a president, or your parents, or your community, or your boyfriend.

It’s up to YOU.

Where do I learn more about this stuff? (And who can I trust?)

Well, there are many great teachers out there.

You’ll find the ones you are supposed to meet NATURALLY.

The more you do step #1 (Remember what is True about Life) and #2 (Say what you think and do what you say), the more and the faster the right things happen for you.

You will find the teachers you need through all kinds of ways that you can’t even imagine.

It can be a book you see laying around in a park.

It can be a lyric to a song.

It can be a video on the internet.

It can be an insight you get while you’re doing groceries.

It can be the conversation you overheard at a cafe.

It can even be a smudgy, wrinkled flyer you find at your local

Or it could also be this blog.

Now, if you feel called to this stuff, I’m happy to share some of my teachers and wayshowers:

For child’s play:

For the real shit:

But whatever you’re reading and watching and whoever you are visiting or getting psychic readings from….

Make sure they don’t GIVE you the truth AS IS. (Because that’s impossible).

A good teacher doesn’t tell you the truth.

A good teacher leads you to the wisdom and the truth WITHIN your Self.

I know you are struggling and really want this psychic to predict your future or give you a straight answer to that specific issue your dealing with right now.

But real Truth resides within YOU.

Actual psychics and mystics KNOW this profoundly and TRUST this.

And so they see NO NEED in telling you things YOU ALREADY KNOW.

Just remember this while you are studying and learning from people and you will be fine.

P.S. You don’t NEED to do anything. You don’t have to join this movement.

None of us do. Because there is nothing we need to do.

If this whole operation does go up in flames, we’ll just do this again and again. Until we do evolve.

When you GET this, you’ll Know.

So we don’t need to do anything. But…

Since we’re already here….

Why not choose to play? 🙂

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