High level strategic consultancy & training for you, your team and any 3rd parties involved.
Hands-on work from Hans to set up a laser-targeted online advertising campaign.

Works best if your company spends $5.000+ on ad spend per month.

My fees start at $1.500

How does this work, Hans?

Here’s how this usually goes (in 4 steps)


We schedule a free video call and get to know each other and our work.
This call has no time restriction but usually takes around 1 to 2 hours.
During this call, we decide whether or not we are a good fit for each other.
If we do, I send you a price proposal for the project we are discussing.
When that's signed, we move on to step #2.


First thing I do is review your current tracking practices.

From now on, when it comes to your digital marketing investments, we will be making conscious and data-driven decisions.
No more letting your "hunges" or "fears" drive your decision making.

Together, we'll review things like:
- Are we tracking the right conversions in AdWords, Facebook and Google Analytics?
- Are we fully utilizing your remarketing audiences?
- How are we using the Facebook Pixel?
- Do we track user engagement on our product pages, blogs and contact forms?

We will mostly be working with well-known tools like Google Tagmanager, Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager and Hotjar in this stage.


In this stage we create a strategy to reach engage and convert both cold and warm audiences.

I help you figure out things like:
- How much of our budget should go to Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram?
- How much should we invest in Display advertising?
- How can we use Lookalike audiences on Facebook to get the best results?
- Do we have the right content to reach and engage cold audiences?
- How do we make sure we don't annoy anyone with our ads?
- Is our landing page optimized for conversions?

Like I said above: We use data to answer these questions.
No more "hunches" or "feelings". Not even your boss' opinion.
We follow the data to lead us to the most profitable and engaging advertising campaign.


During you campaign, I help you tweak and adjust based on the data that comes in.
When your campaign is done, I visualize the results in an easy-to-read report and make a list of our "learnings" during this campaign. With all the data we'll have gathered, I'll be able to show and explain to you exactly what is happening with your online marketing, where your visitors and leads are coming from and what we can do to optimize and grow.

After your campaign has ended we can decide to work together again for future campaigns.


Read what my most recent client had to say about our collaboration (64% or €14.000 reduction in ad spend for the same amount of leads (177)):

We are a marketing team of 2 at a company offering high-end windows, doors, sun-protection, roller shutters and garage doors in Belgium and France.

We were used to working with agencies for our advertising campaigns. They would do all the set up, maintenance and reporting. We were happy but we felt like we didn't really have control or insight into our campaigns. We handed them our briefing and they "did their magic".

When our marketing team changed we re-evaluated all 3rd parties we worked with. We remembered Hans from a Social Media training he taught in 2017 and got in touch to see if he could help. We were happy we did. Working with Hans felt like a breath of fresh air. His transparency in explaining his "secrets" gave us a lot of confidence. We got to see all his strategies and tactics to the point where we screen shared to see show exactly "he does his magic".

We learned a TON while working together on our campaign.

For example, we didn't know what a huge difference it made to use a 2-step strategy on Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

This tactic, amongst other things resulted in a drastic reduction in ad spend while delivering the same amount of leads!

We reduced costs by 64% (from €25K to €9K) while maintaining the same amount of leads (177) compared to our previous campaign earlier this year.
Marketing Manager & Marketing Coordinator

What is my investment?

Fees start at $1500 but are always quoted per project.

That’s the short answer. 

Here’s a little bit more context:

As I’ve mentioned above:

After we call and I understand how I can best serve you, I send out a personalized price proposal for your project.

The investment in my fee should always pay for itself.

The bigger your ad spend and your profit margins, the faster you earn back your investment in my work. This is why I recommend having an advertising spend of $5000 or more to work with me.

Not because I think I’m fancy, but because it’s just where my work gets you the biggest ROI.

With the right targeting and optimization tactics, my work can deliver tens of thousands in extra revenue (or reduce your costs).

Are you ready to connect?

Let’s get started with step #1: Get to know each other and our work and see if we might be a good fit for each other.

This call is free.

If you recognized yourself at all in what I’ve written above….

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