About Hans

headshot hans kolbeek

I’m originally from The Netherlands but have lived in Houston, Antwerp and Sao Paulo which is where my homebase currently is. It’s the best! Until it’s not anymore and I’ll find a new place. And then that will be the best place.

I am intrigued by our human experience here on earth. I really enjoy studying human behavior and psychology. Lucky for us, that comes in handy when working in digital marketing!

I specialize in helping established businesses improve their online advertising strategy and ROI. I love to teach and my consultancy is very transparent, allowing my clients to learn with me while we work on their campaigns together.

Like I said: love humans and how our brains work. Marketing is 1 area that I can satisfy my curiosity.

Outside of this work I enjoy so many other things, too.

I love to meet and connect with people. Also, I like healthy food, sports, being present and traveling

I’m also a father. Together with his beautiful mother I’m the channel through which our son Benjamin was born a little over 2,5 years ago.

And oh yeah, one day I’ll have a husky. Just sayin’…

But let’s get back to business: Digital Marketing!

Check out the simple and practical services I offer.

How to get in touch with me?

Best way to reach me is to just email me at [email protected]

If you want to connect with me on LinkedIn click here or on the LinkedIn logo below.