About Hans

headshot hans kolbeekSomething about me.. Alright. How about: infinite being? No? Well, maybe something more practical, then?

I’m originally from The Netherlands🇳🇱 but have lived in Houston🇺🇸 , Antwerp🇧🇪 and Sao Paulo🇧🇷  which is where my homebase currently is. It’s the best! Until it’s not anymore and I’ll find a new place. And then that will be the best place.

I like humans (and their thoughts and feelings) a lot! It just happens to be that there’s a lot of people and a lot thoughts and feelings involved in marketing.

Helping entrepreneurs and established businesses understand how to attract more of the right clients, grow their brand through social media and get smarter all around is what I do now and have been doing for the last 5 years.

I love humans and how our brains work. Marketing is 1 area I direct my attention to.

But I enjoy so many things outside the online marketing world, too.

I love to meet and connect with people. Also, I like food and sports⚽ and a lot more, including traveling✈️

👶🏼 Together with his beautiful mother, I am also the channel through which our son Benjamin was born a little over 2 years ago.

And oh yeah, one day I will live with a husky🐺 Just sayin’…

But let’s get back to business: Digital Marketing!

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How to get in touch with me?

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